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Developing YouStress (Eustress)

The concept of stress has been around for thirty years, and our understanding of how to manage it has evolved over that time. The Hardiness Institute has studied this issue intensely, and has developed a training program which is highly evolved. Years of research have proven the effectiveness of this program, with hundreds of outcomes studies to attest to it. This program is beneficial for individuals in any high pressure environment and for those who are struggling with chronic medical disorders. Taking this approach a step further, the YouStress program not only reduces distress, but helps you develop a positive approach to life which maximizes your Happiness.

Transforming Adversity Into Advantage

Hardiness has been developed over a seventeen year period of application and research. Beginning as a comprehensive stress management program, it has evolved into a dynamic approach which has been proven to enhance well-being and performance in every field to which it has been applied. Hardiness is designed to help individuals cope with extreme demands such as chronic illness and maximize their performance in high demand environments.

Hardiness has achieved an overall 40% decrease in burnout and anxiety, a 35% increase in job satisfaction and loyalty, a 25% increase in productivity and effectiveness, a 40% reduction in health insurance benefits utilization, and a 30% reduction in sick leave.

The San Diego Union-Tribune Article on Hardiness in San Diego Click here to read the article on Hardiness in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Health and Wellbeing
Comprehensive “YouStress” Training is beneficial for individuals who are experiencing some form of stress related or chronic illness. Research studies show a significant increase in health and well being after this training, "Hardiness tended to have additive and opposite effects to that of stressors in its impact on symptomatology. Subjects higher in Hardiness tended to experience less frequent stressors and to perceive the minor events they did experience as less stressful.

Personal Coaching
You can participate in “YouStress” Training no matter where you are. Call Dr. Pammenter for a coaching session over the phone on applying these principals to your life.

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