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Senior Family Services

What is a “Senior Family”? – You’re in a senior family if you are concerned about a loved one who is experiencing issues in aging. The onset of this phase of life is often subtle and gradual, difficult to pinpoint but so clearly felt by all who are involved.

The later stages of life can be almost as challenging as the first ones. As we age capabilities can slowly slip away, sometimes so subtly only those around us can notice the change. For the senior these changes are difficult to accept, sometimes they are denied and sometimes they are mourned. Depression is very prevalent at this time of life, often being accompanied by irritability and increased difficulties in social interaction.

For the family of the senior this is a sensitive time. No one likes to lose their independence, and it is human to cling to it as long as possible. Unfortunately, this can force family members to make some difficult choices; should dad continue to drive, should mom be living alone, is my parent depressed and if so what should be done?

Often what is needed is a psychological evaluation for the senior; to determine their cognitive functioning level, ability to perform activities of daily living and mood state. Once specific information is obtained decisions become more apparent, and explaining these decisions is made easier. Counseling can help seniors adjust to the changes they are experiencing and facilitate any necessary transitions. The Senior Family may also benefit from counseling as they strive to adjust to the changes in their roles, cope with added stress, and sometimes begin to take on responsibility for their loved one's life.

Medicare, MediCal and any private MediGap insurance will almost always cover most of the cost of the evaluation and any necessary treatment. Peace of mind for all concerned is best obtained through the gathering of pertinent, objective information concerning the senior's condition.

Art has been evaluating and counseling seniors since 1995. Much of this work has taken place in skilled nursing facilities working with Geriatric Counseling, Inc. He has evaluated and counseled thousands of seniors during this time, and was the Director of Clinical Services for Geriatric Counseling for five years. You or your loved one can be seen at any of Art's offices listed below.

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