Arthur Pammenter Ph.D.

Anxiety and Depression

Our moods frequently fluctuate up and down, usually within a relatively narrow range. But sometimes we can get stuck at one of the extremes, and be unable to free ourselves. These moods are very responsive to alterations in our self talk, by learning how what we say to ourselves affects our moods we usually are able to make substantial changes quickly.

Anxiety results from a two step process, overestimating the threats facing you and underestimating your ability to cope with them. Depression is caused by our grief at what we perceive as the negative outcomes in our lives. In essence, anxiety comes from looking too far forward, while depression comes from spending too much time in the rear view mirror. Counseling aids clients in focusing in the now, while greatly improving outcomes in the present.

Cognitive Therapy is the treatment of choice to manage moods. How we feel is directly related to how we are interpreting the situation. Distorting our reality, making things seem worse than they really are, is the key mistake most people make. Cognitive therapy helps you restore objectivity and accuracy to your assessment of your situation. I have been trained in this approach and have used it successfully for years with hundreds of clients.

If you are located outside of San Diego and are having problems with anxiety, visit to find a therapist who can help you.

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