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John Bradshaw is synonymous with inner child, codependency, adults from dysfunctional families, and healing your original pain. John has written many books on this subject including Homecoming and Healing The Shame That Binds You. The John Bradshaw Center developed affiliations with therapists throughout the country so that his work could be offered to more people than he alone could reach. Art was a Partner in the San Diego Affiliate, Miramar-Scripps Psychology Associates, and has been doing this work since 1991.

We often find that left over issues from our past continue to subtly influence our success in the present. For some reason we keep making the same mistakes, or falling into the same dysfunctional behaviors, without really knowing why. We only know that we are not reaching our potential, either in relationships, work, or just feeling happy day-to-day. Sometimes we adopt pain masking behaviors such as drinking, using street drugs, shopping, gambling, sex, over-exercise, eating, smoking, or other habits which when engaged in excessively bring along their own problems.

Sometimes the root cause is very apparent, we know that we were abused and have vivid memories of physical, verbal or sexual abuse perpetrated upon ourselves or other family members. Sometimes the problems were less clear, consisting of emotional abandonment, sibling rivalry or simple indifference. These scars run no less deep, and are often more confusing because the cause has been pushed aside and forgotten.

Art has counseled many hundreds of patients in resolving these issues so that they can go on to live a happier, more successful life. If you know something has been holding you back but just aren't sure what, give Art a call. He will be happy to speak with you on the phone free of charge to help you decide if this approach could be right for you.

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