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Psychological assessment can provide objective information on a host of concerns. When a decision has to be made, get more information. With better data often the way becomes clearer, with less guess-work involved. This always makes us feel better, as well as leading to better results in life. Some of the situations which can benefit from testing include:

Personality Evaluation - Understanding ourselves or a loved one can sometimes be confusing, learning where we are on a number of personality variables can make this task more achievable. Plus, we can then understand what parts need to be worked on to be happier and more successful, as well as recognizing strengths that we can draw upon.

Career Assessment - Whether you are trying to zero in on your first choice of a career or making a mid-life transition, nothing beats knowing where your interests and personality style will make you most effective. Why guess at a career direction? Very few of us have a powerful innate drive for a specific job, most of us could do many things and have a variety of interests. With more information concerning our interests, personality and abilities we could make a much more successful decision. An evaluation will give you detailed information as to where you function the best and what type of work will make you the happiest. Specific inventories designed to assess and categorize our personal style according to job area and comparing our style to successful job holders across hundreds of job categories will ensure that your decision is the best one you can make. The vast majority of people fall into career choices with no regard as to how well they fit the selection. Stop rolling the dice with your life and find out!

Senior Review - At times it becomes important to more completely understand the functioning level and capability of a senior. Sometimes it is merely to understand the basis for a mild memory loss, sometimes to determine if driving is still advisable, and sometimes to help determine if it is time for assisted living. An assessment will provide information specific to the question at hand. This information will often make the choice clearer and enhance the effectiveness of the ultimate decision.

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