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Happiness is an elusive goal, often we possess it only briefly then it slips away, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. When we realize it is evading us often we look for help, an advisor who can put us back on the path.

My goal as your therapist is to assist you in finding your way to peace of mind, satisfaction, and goal attainment. Together we search for the roadblocks, whether they are in your relationships, mood, work, family history, painful behaviors, self esteem, stress, senior issues (parents), or physical problems.

Working through these issues in a safe, supportive environment allows the development of insight, understanding, and change. Through my twenty five + years of counseling experience I have developed techniques learned from a variety of skilled and renowned therapists; see my bio for more information about my training.

I currently use an amalgam of cognitive/behavioral, positive psychology, inner child, quality of life therapy, and relationship enhancement techniques. The approach depends upon the issues you present and your goals. Together we will pursue your quest for that elusive Happiness.

Personal Counseling
The issues noted above are addressed here and include anxiety/depression, inner child work (affiliation with John Bradshaw), relationship issues (training with John Gray author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus), military family concerns (Wives Support Group), and senior issues.


Many of us are overwhelmed with the fast pace and multiple demands of today’s world. A stress overload can make life feel joyless. It can also cause or exacerbate many medical conditions and the distress that accompanies them. A Free Stress Management program is in this section which includes two immediately available audio relaxation exercises. 


If you are interested in the application of psychology to the world of work, review the "Consulting" section. Executive coaching and assessment are addressed in this section. 


If you just want to know a little bit more about Dr. Art, please see the "Biography" area.


Dr Arthur Pammenter

  Dr. Art is a licensed clinical psychologist with over twenty five years of experience. He received his Ph.D. from Temple University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and soon traveled to San Diego where he has been in practice since 1982.

During this time he has

also served as the Director of Employee Assistance Services for Solar Turbines and other companies, provided stress management consultations to executives at Scripps Center For Executive Health, served as the Clinical Director for Geriatric Counseling, Inc. and has provided psychological feedback to clients in the outplacement program at Drake Beam Morin.

Dr. Art has trained with John Bradshaw concerning issues resulting from dysfunctional families, The Center for Cognitive Therapy, John Grey of Mars and Venus fame, and Sal Maddi Ph.D. of the Hardiness Institute.

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